Introduction to SAP R/3 Basis

  • What is Basis?
  • Introduction to SAP R/3 client/Server Technology and SAP R/3 Architecture
  • Roles and responsibilities of Basis Consultants
  • Database Service, Application Services,Presentation Services
  • Introduction to OS concepts

Architecture of SAP R/3 Application server

  • SAP R/3 Application server Architecture
  • SAP R/3 Work Process – Overview

Background Jobs

  • Creating User
  • Authorizations
  • Profiles and activity Groups
  • Locking and unlocking User
  • Introduction to profile Generator
  • Profile management(single and Composite)
  • Limiting Logon Atempts
  • Setting password controls
  • Maintaining User defaults & Options


  • Data Archiving
  • Spooling
  • Access Method

Architecture of SAP R/3 Application server

  • SAP R/3 Application server Architecture
  • SAP R/3 Work Process – Overview


  • OS Monitoring
  • BD Monitoring
  • Alerts

Memory Management and Miscellaneous

  • Introduction to SAP R/3 Virtual Memory
  • SAP R/3 Buyers
  • SAP R/3 Memory Management System
  • Remote Function call (RFC)
  • Dump Analysis
  • Sys Log

Types of R/3 Systems and

  • Development (Dev).Testing(QTST).Production (PROD)

Change and Transport System

  • Customizing
  • Change Request
  • Recording Changes
  • Transportation

Transport Management System (TMS)

  • TMS Domain
  • TMS Domain Controller
  • Transport Groups
  • Transport Layer
  • Transport Route
  • Transport Directory
  • Virtual Directory
  • Virtual Systems
  • SAP R/3 Repository

System Landscape

  • Single System Landscape
  • Two System Landscape
  • Three system Landscape

Patch Administration

  • Overview of support Packages
  • Introduction to applying SAP Patches
  • Introduction to Applying Kernel Patches


  • Oracle Server Architecture overview
  • Oracle Server startup/shutdown
  • Table Space Administration
  • SAP R/3 Reorganization of an Oracle database
  • SAP R/3 Restore and Recovery of an oracle database
  • Startup/shutdown of database

Database Analysis

  • Size
  • Free space
  • Growth History
  • Statistics

SAP R/3 Installation

  • Installing SAP R/3 on windows NT/2000 preparation
  • Installing SAP R/3 on windows NT/2000 Installation
  • Installing SAP R/3 on windows NT/2000 Post Installation
  • Installing Presentation Server (SAP GUI) 7 Accessing SAP R/3 from PC
  • Starting and stopping R/3 system

Installing an application server

  • Active User monitoring (SM04,AL08)
  • Changing Parameters
  • Introduction to Background Jobs
  • Define Background Jobs and Re-Scheduling (SM36,SM37)
  • Analysis on Cancelled Background Jobs
  • Analysis on system -dumps (St22)

Spool Administration

  • Introduction to Spool and Types of Spools
  • Install Local / Remote Spools
  • Configure and Trouble Shoot Spool System (SAPD)
  • Print Request and Output Request Mechanism(SP01,SP02)

Patch Administration

  • Introduction to Patch and SNOTE (SNOTE)
  • Applying Patches and SPAM Updates (SPAM)

SAP Administration for Oracle Database

  • Introduction to Oracle under R/3 environment
  • Oracle Directory Structure for R/3 environment
  • Database Mount / No mount stages

Real- Time environment with ticketing and tool

  • Providing Real -time issues and Tickets/Cases
  • How to resolve the high priority issues
  • End-user Missing authorization Screenshots