Access Training Course Outline:

This course is an introduction to databases through Microsoft Access. It is designed for people who are used to managing data in spreadsheets but wish to understand why and how a database will provide a better solution. The course covers the difference between spreadsheets and databases and takes students through the process of creating a database, from design through to data population. In the second part of the course, students learn the fundamentals of the SQL query language and gain a full understanding of how to write queries in Access for retrieving and updating data.


  • What is a database?
  • Why use a database?

Understanding your Data

  • Designing a database
  • Data modelling

Overview of Access

  • Components
  • Creating a database

Creating Tables

  • Attributes
  • Datatypes

Adding/Editing Data

  • Manual editing
  • Importing data

Filtering/Exporting Tables

  • Filtering/sorting data
  • Exporting data

Table Relationships

  • Types of relationship
  • Referential Integrity

SQL the Language

  • Types of queries
  • The SELECT statement

Query Builder in Access

  • Building queries
  • Expressions

Multiple‐table Queries

  • The JOIN condition
  • Self joins

Aggregate Queries

  • GROUP BY clause
  • Aggregate functions

Advanced Topics

  • Database configuration
  • Advanced queries